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Sonobreasts was founded by women like YOU, for women like YOU.

When you arrive at our SonoBreasts center, you'll find yourself in the hands of experienced, qualified and trusted professionals. Here at SonoBreasts, we guarantee every patient with the best in technological practices and the upmost compassionate care. 

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Jasmine Khorsandi 

My name is Jasmine Khorsandi, I was born and raised in sunny Santa Monica. I went to UCLA for my undergrad and attended West Coast Ultrasound Institute retaining a degree as an ultrasound technician. 

The past five years I’ve been working as an ultrasound technician scanning thyroids, pelvis, carotids, abdomen and breasts. Breast ultrasounds have always been very personal and important to me having lost loves ones because it was detected too late. I was introduced to the SonoCiné automated whole breast ultrasound four years ago, since then, it has helped save countless lives. The hand-held ultrasound is very tech dependent, and technologists miss many cancers because they don’t scan the lymph nodes or the chest wall. One out of seven women die because the cancer is detected too late…that doesn’t need to happen anymore because with SonoCiné, I can detect cancer as small as 3 mm. Therefore, no aggressive treatment needed if it’s detected early.

For fun, I enjoy yoga, traveling, meditation, south baths and trying new restaurants. I believe God gives everyone a gift, and if you give it energy every single day it will manifest.



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Alyssa Watanabe,MD

Dr. Alyssa Watanabe, MD is a board certified radiologist in Southern California. Services include medico-legal consultations, imaging, imaging industry expertise, and teleradiology services. Research interests in artificial intelligence algorithms for medical applications, neuroradiology, and breast imaging. She is the Chief Medical Officer at CureMetrix, Inc. and Clinical Associate Professor at USC Keck School of Medicine.

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