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3-D mammography can be less sensitive in detecing breast cancer in women with dense breast tissue or implants and SonoCine can be very helpful as a complementary screening modality. 

Mammography x-rays have difficulty detecting cancer in women with dense breast tissue and/or implants, obscuring the view of cancer on the mammogram. Fortunately, an ultrasound does not have this problem. Through the process of ultrasound imaging, it can detect even the smallest invasive cancers through dense tissue and implants.

Ultrasound Technology is On The Rise.

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Why is SonoBreasts Good For You?

Early Cancer Detection

SonoCiné is able to detect breast cancers as small as 3mm, bypassing any aggressive treatment alternatives.

Comfortable Experience

SonoCinés automated whole breast ultrasound harbors a radiation free zone bypassing the discomforts of breast squeezing or injections of contrast agents. 

Thorough Examination

SonoCiné thoroughly scans the lymph nodes all the way through to the chest wall. recording 3,000 images transforming it into a video simulation for the radiologist to arrive at a more accurate diagnosis. 

Quick & Accessible Treatment

Patients do not need a prescription to book an appointment.  Treatment takes only 10-15 minutes promptly receiving your results within less than a week.

"Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical ailments and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open." 


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Reviews from Real Patients


“I use ultrasound as ONE of the ways to monitor the tumor and its response to the natural healing modalities that I am doing. The office is very nice, and in a convenient location in Santa Monica. It was such a relief to finally have the SonoCine ultrasound. I will only do these ultrasounds in the future as they can be reliably and consistently compared. (With typical ultrasounds, you can see different results depending on the technician.)


As a bonus Jasmine is truly skilled, caring and supportive. Her radiologist is highly qualified and experienced, and the detailed report arrives very quickly. I recommend that every woman especially those with dense breasts for whom mammogram is not reliable) have a SonoCine AWBUS with Jasmine.” 


—  Mary F., patient

—  Mary F.

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